Table Thai massage benefits athletes.

There seems to be a common thread with people who exercise on a regular basis – not stretching. I am not talking about yoga folks, but runners, cyclist, and weight trainers. We (I put myself in this group) know better but when life is busy and you only have X amount of time for your workout it is so easy to blow off the stretch. I know I would rather do a few more sets of an exercise than spend 10-20 minutes stretching.

Table Thai massage and Sports massage are great ways to get in your stretching, increases flexibility and joint range of motion.  Thai massage is a therapeutic technique where compression and deep stretching are dominant. The therapist uses hands, feet, forearms, elbows and knees to apply a combination of massage, and gentle yoga-like stretches to bring about your pain relief.  

Thai massage nick name is the lazy mans yoga.

With table Thai massage there are no oils or lotions used. You wear loose comfortable clothing ie. workout clothes.  Unlike traditional matt Thai massage the session is done on a standard massage table. Making it easier for those who have mobility issues and getting down on the floor is difficult. It leaves you feeling energized and mentally relaxed. 

Here is a little sample of some moves of Table Thai.