What is a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish Massage is all about relaxation. It involves gliding, kneading, tapotement (tapping), friction, and vibrating muscle tissue to release tension.  It helps to relax & release tension, reduce muscle pain, increase circulation, increase range of motion (ROM), and decrease stress & anxiety.

The name Swedish massage comes from Pehr Henrik Ling who created the Swedish Movement System. The Swedish Movement System was created to help soldiers in Sweden recovering from a failed military confrontation with the forces of Napoleon.

The techniques Pehr Ling used/created are some of the same techniques used today in a Swedish (relaxation) massage today. It is just a fancy name that means the same as relaxation.

Daily stresses accumulate and cause many health related issues. Massage is a great way to manage stress and provide you with much needed down time. 

Peaceful Strength integrated massage services are 30-90 minutes long. 

At Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy you are not charged for different modality used. You are charged based on the length of time of the massage.

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