Appointments are booked by time (45-90 minutes). We do not charge more for different services. Our appointments address the individual’s needs and goals by integrating a variety of massage techniques.  We strive to provide the most effective treatment accordingly.

Integrated Manual Therapy combines Myofascial Mobilization, Thai Massage, Mana Lomi, Sports Massage and other traditional modalities to achieve that days desired results. Deep tissue bodywork can reduce chronic muscle tension and bodily discomfort, so that you can work with out neck pain, sleep better, play more and reduce your stress.


Integrated Manual Therapy Services

  • 90 Minute Massage – $110
  • 60 Minute Massage – $80
  • 45 Minute Massage – $65

Add On Self Care Education

20 minutes $30

Self care sessions will educate the client on proper daily ergonomics, exercises and stretches to prevent future pain occurrences. Come dressed in loose fitting clothing or exercise wear, you may be required to get on the floor to learn some corrective exercises, stretches, the use of a foam roller and tennis ball for self care.

New Clients

Please book a New Client session it will be 75 or 105 minutes (60 or 90 minutes hands on).  This gives plenty of time to assess and address your pain and stress issues.  Please bring loose fitting clothes or exercise wear (shorts, warm up pants, yoga pants, t shirts or sports tops).

45 minute sessions are for follow up visits for focused work only.  


What is treatment like at Peaceful Strength Massage?


Your first session begins with a complete history gathering. We will do a head to toe assessment, as many problems are not isolated to the area where pain is felt. All first sessions include actual treatment, so you will get the chance to experience what makes clinical massage at Peaceful Strength unique.

When you come in for pain relief we focus on your areas of concern before moving onto a whole body approach. Our goal is for you to find a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility first.

Traditional massage therapy uses oils and lotions with slide and glide or finger tips pressing and rubbing on ”tight” areas. Integrated manual therapy at Peaceful Strength is very different, we focus on assessing and treating the area of pain with the correct modality before moving on to the next, all while encouraging the client to participate in their own treatment. We see pain often caused by excessive tightness within the body, creating pressure on pain sensitive structures (nerve, muscle, soft tissue). The goal of our treatment is to reduce or eliminate this tightness (feeling of discomfort), allowing you to move freely, without pain.

For your  appointment we request that you bring appropriate clothing. Women are asked to bring a sports bar, sports top, or loose fitting tank or t-shirt and exercise shorts.   Men; a loose fitting pair of workout shorts.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Debit Cards (Pre-tax dollars)

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy accepts Health Saving Account (HSA) cards. Please check with you HR dept/broker/plan director to make sure you can use HSA card for massage therapy. You will be responsible to pay back if it is not accepted.

If you have an Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program you too may use your FSA debit card. Some plans do not have debit cards but require you to send in a recite. Just ask for one and I can email you a recite. Your HR department/broker/plan director will be able to help answer any questions in regards to coverage.


Military and First Responder Discount: $15.00 off standard services to all our Active Military, Police Officers and Firefighters just bring in your ID. (Discounts not to be combined.)

Referral Plan: Do you have a large network of friends and family? Do you want to share your wonderful experience? Do you want to save money? Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy referral program save $15.00 on your next service when a referred friend comes in. (Discounts not to be combined.)



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