Integrated Manual Therapy
to ease your back pain,
relieve neck pain,
reduce headaches, and more.

Deep and aggressive are not the same thing.   

Our deep tissue body work is effective while being completely relaxing. 

Come feel the difference.



Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy offers expert level care from a highly trained professional, so that you can be confident that your health is in good hands.   We do not charge more for different services. Each appointment is customized to address the individual’s needs and goals.  This is no cookie cutter service. By using a variety of massage techniques we help to reduce chronic muscle tension and bodily discomfort so that you can walk without pain, move without limits and live your most active life.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 11:30-8, Thursday 11:30-7, Friday 10-4

Please leave a message when calling we can not always get to the phone.

Would you like to reduce the frequency, duration and soreness associated with repetitive motion or exertion injuries? Would you like a “time out” from daily stresses? Let me help mitigate life’s daily emotional or physical stresses with a deeply relaxing and pain relieving massage.

We deal with stiffness, aches and pain from sitting all day. We have lower back pain, neck pain, and more. No matter how many pain relievers we take, how often we try to stretch it out, foam roll it, and apply heat we just can’t relieve the pain by ourselves.

Massage relieves pain brought on by stress and unusual exertion. Whether it’s constant business pressure, excessive physical exertion, or simply sitting all day, our massage therapy treatments can relieve your physical pain and ease your tension.” – Lisa

New client appointments are extended by 15 minutes to include a thorough intake/assessment, history and a follow up discussion. The additional time added to your session is at no cost to you (a $15 value). 

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