Do you need:

  • Reduced Stress and Fatigue
  • Less back, neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased Carpal Tunnel and Sciatica issues
  • Help with sports related injuries
  • Headache and migraine management
  • Arthritis relief
  • Plantar Fasciitis help

A massage program will be designed specifically for you.

Most people work at jobs that compromise their posture causing back, neck and shoulder pain. Human beings were not designed to sit for long hours. The forward head posture FHP (tech neck) from sitting and looking at a computer screen or at a cell phone can cause many issues. At Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy a massage program is designed to meet your needs and to work on the problems you are having; anything from neck pain, headaches to stress relief via relaxation. At the beginning of every session time will be taken to asses your current issues and to adjust your massage program as needed.

You value your time and health and want to see results. No one wants to waste time finding a professional therapist, driving to a hard to get to location with limited parking, waiting for the therapist who is “running behind”, and then receiving a sub-par massage. Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy has an easy to get to location with plenty of off street parking, a therapist that prides herself on always being on time and providing a quality massage that meets your needs and expectations.

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy is located at 345 Cilley Rd Manchester, NH (inside Ideal Health, LLC). PSMT offers custom massage sessions from 30 – 90 minutes. Professional massage therapist Lisa Poole is licensed in NH (license#3769M).  Her massage training includes Myofascial Mobilization, sports massage, Thai massage, Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage. Lisa also has an associate’s degree in exercise science with 10 years of personal training experience.


Manchester NH Massage Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy

Jerome AZ. Photo taken by Lisa Poole NH LMT “Don’t let your body look like this.”

“Massage is like taking your car in for regular maintenance—a regular maintenance schedule goes a long way toward preventing problems in the future. We use our bodies every minute of every day, way more than we use our cars. I believe we should schedule regular maintenance for our bodies too. Massage is preventative health care. Just like dental cleanings, annual physicals, exercise and proper diets.”       – Lisa Poole

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy offers on line scheduling with flexible hours Monday – Friday.  If you can’t find a time you can call 603-738-6393 or drop an email lisa@peaceful-strength.com,there may be something available just not shown. Due to cancellations appointments do open up.

Looking for a massage therapist located in Manchester NH? Would you like to become a Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy client? Please see the Client Information page for more information, health forms, policies, and massage benefits.

Mission Statement

Peaceful Strength  offers massage therapy, healthy lifestyle education in order to facilitate the health or rehabilitation of our clientele.

Whole health begins with balance.

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy

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